Tidal Workings; sculptures; Antony Lyons

Antony is an eco-artist with a background as an environmental/water scientist and landscape architect. He is based in Bristol and is an associate of the PLaCE Research Centre. Working in the field of environmental policy and planning, he specialised in sustainable drainage and ecological design. His creative involvement with the Severn Estuary area has largely centered on the tidal River Avon and Bristol’s harbour zone. He has also carried out water-related projects on the North Somerset coast and – most recently – on the tidal River Torridge in North Devon.

Current artistic research interests that relate to the Severn Estuary include explorations of ‘dammed/drowned landscapes’ (reservoir and barrage sites), and coastal ‘salt landscapes’ (current and past sites of sea-salt production).

In 2006, he founded the Bristol-based artist group, NOVA, to create a ‘tide and time’ sculptural trail around the harbour and tidal river in Bristol.


Tidal Sculpture, Bristol, Cumberland Basin; marking the high tide

Other tidal River Avon projects include the production of sculptural and design features for the ‘New Cut’ section of the river, and long-term involvement with wetland restoration and pollution-control initiatives in the harbour.

Details of these and many other environment/art/landscape projects can be seen at:


Jump to the place marker on the SEAA map here

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