Changeable Places; a blog with word and image; Jethro Brice; 2011

A blog by Jethro Brice

Blog Intro

“This project is about engaging with changeable places – places with uncertain prospects in terms of land use, biodiversity and climate change. Such places are also precious by other registers and this is what we seek to articulate. We want to generate new stories to be intertwined with older ones. Above all, we wish to look forward.

The project began with the idea that if you are immersed in a setting it helps to share your sense of that place.  Newcomers can become interested in these layered connections – leading to discussion about what to communicate and how we engage with the setting’s future.  Particular nuances of place can be viewed within broader landscapes.

This website is a platform to support exchanges between people immersed in varied changeable places – perhaps as environmental activists, artists, geographers, writers.”

Jethro Brice

Visual essays

Jethro Brice Mud

Jethro Brice  Sand Point

Jump to the place marker on the SEAA map here

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