Sea Kyaking in the Estuary blogs; ‘Richard of Cardiff’; 2010

These were a number of sea kyaking blog entries by “Richard of Cardiff”, about kyaking trips out into the estuary, the route taken often dictated by the tide.

I  decided to put these blog entries into SEAA, because although not ‘art’ per se, they were very interesting and creative ways of engaging with the estuary and its tides. There were lots of photographs and gps maps of the kyaking routes taken.

“Launching again from the Sully YC slipway I wasn’t sure whether to go left or right so I just paddled straight out to see how strong the tide was flowing.

I was tempted to let the tide take me down and out to Steep Holm but there were a good 3 hours or so before the tide changed direction to aid my paddle back. The flow at the moment didn’t seem too strong so I decided to paddle against it out to a buoy I could see in the distance”.

The blogs are no longer fully active – sadly the lovely visual information is missing, but the remains of them are in place, e.g. here

Jump to the place marker on the SEAA map here

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