Planes, Ships And Automobiles 14/11/2010: Richard

Two seakyaking blog entries from Richard of Cardiff

I have decided to put these blog entries into this art atlas bcause, although not ‘art’ per se, thay are very interesting, creative ways of engaging with the estuary and its tides.

“Launching again from the Sully YC slipway I wasn’t sure whether to go left or right so I just paddled straight out to see how strong the tide was flowing.

I was tempted to let the tide take me down and out to Steep Holm but there were a good 3 hours or so before the tide changed direction to aid my paddle back. The flow at the moment didn’t seem too strong so I decided to paddle against it out to a buoy I could see in the distance”

Planes, Ships And Automobiles 14/11/2010

First Paddle Of The Year 09-01-2011

This blog has great pictures of the Second World War structures on flatholm taken from the water. (link).
Both blogs have maps show the route taken

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