Tidal Village (prototyping); multi-media, performance; Luci Gorell Barnes; Purton; 23 09 2017

This is exploratory work by  Luci Gorell Barnes at Purton (south shore) ; Mid-Severn Estuary – high tide; 23 09 2017

“We walk along the narrow path edged with blackthorn down to the water’s edge. The tide is coming in fast and I quickly chose a place to site my 3 houses. I like working with the stuff of childhood and am reminded of playing by the pond when I was little, but this water has a current that sweeps in with enormous force. The smallest house is picked up and carried to the end of its anchor line. The two taller houses capsize, and I make notes for moderations and useful things to bring next time – like a spare memory card for my camera and a long stick.

I think about flooding, about Bangladesh and how we may all end up being sucked into the rising tides. I remember the cut paper dolls in the bottom of my basket and drift them into the water, which is already starting to recede. My houses come to rest back on the mud and I pick them up by their anchor lines and carry them up to the car. We go to the pub for cider and crisps, and sit looking out across the estuary where water and land shift so fast they seem interchangeable.”


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