Wetland: Life in the Somerset Levels; book; Patrick Sutherland and Adam Nicholson, 1987

The Somerset Levels are a distinctive and famous area of the UK. Before extensive drainage and engineering, it would have been a marshy place much connected to the tides and the estuary. Sea walls and sluices protect the levels from the highest tides. Eels and elvers are a theme in the book.

“Patrick Sutherland’s photographs and Adam Nicolson’s prose capture the existences of the men and women for whom this part of England forms the background and substance of their lives. As the Wetlands come under threat from both the forces of modern farming and the contradictory, complex demands of conservation, this book provides a lasting poetic record of what may well be a passing way of life.” Source Amazon

See also a similar book, ‘Life on the Levels: Voices from the Working World’  by Tony Anderson and Chris Willoughby (2006).

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