The Magnificant Severn Festival; music, art, Severn Bore event; 2009, 2010

This was a festival wich only ran for a few years, but was a great event and a great idea. It was devised and organised by Stuart Ballard, who has deep connections with the upper estuary and who is one of the ‘bore surfers’.

It was held on the banks of the estuary, on Over Farm, just below Gloucester, and had a programme of music, art, environmetnal and heritage displays. The festival was timed to be on one of the days of a larger Severn Bore, and the programme included the passing of the bore.

Here are some pictures from the 2009 festival.

Here is the progreamme of the 2009 festival.

The odd bit of video of music at the event are to be found on-line e.g.

“Tim Oakes on hang drum at the Magnificent Severn Festival 2010”

Jump to the place marker on the SEAA map here

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