Sabrina Dreaming (Severn Estuary Tidelands); film, writing, blog; Antony Lyons; 2014-17

Sabrina Dreaming

“This is a year-long artist-residency, hosted by the Countryside and Community Research Institute (CCRI) at the University of Gloucestershire and supported by a Leverhulme Fellowship grant.


The Severn Estuary coast has the second largest tidal-range in the world. In conjunction with CCRI researchers and others, the residency project will seek to expand and deepen the ways in which this water landscape is encountered and understood – scientifically, artistically and culturally. New conversations and involvements will be initiated by developing film/sound/sculptural works, drawing on some of the hidden and intangible essences of this coast. The pressing need for anticipatory adaptation to climate-instability presents us with a variety of predicted and unpredictable scenarios. Activating the gap between knowledge and imagination will be key to resilience and environmental justice over the long term.”  See website here
sabrina Dreaming

Antony at work on location

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