Works by Valerie Coffin Price

Valerie has worked in relation to the rivers that join the estuary, particularly the River Taff, collaborating with other artists and writers and on the estuary itself. This includes the work Estuary 2010-11. See here. This was done in collaboration with the poet Philip Gross, or at least, has lines of some of his poems in the artworks.

Sample image same source as above

About the artist

Valerie Coffin Price is a Welsh artist based in Cardiff and the Vale, whose work responds to the language of poetry and place. She has exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally, recent solo exhibitions including Intimate Cartographies (2011), Distant Voices (2007) and Territoires (2003). Her work has taken her as far afield as Russia (1990), Québec (1998, 2002, 2003) and Cambodia (2005), but she always returns to the Welsh coast and borderlands.

Description of artwork(s)

Connections make good starting points. Between people, language, waterways and ideas. Over the past 10 years I have been developing a close and intimate relationship to river and border landscapes in Wales and along the English border, in particular the River Severn.

Part of this work involves an immersion in the landscape through walking. I am a member of an artists’ walking collective Walking the Land, and last year was selected to take part in the Emergence Land Journey developing a dialogue with the environment, ideas of sustainability and the other walkers.

Another part of this work explores the poetic responses of various writers to the landscape and looks into the diversity of languages that we use to connect to our internal and external human geography.

The current work involves walking tributaries of the River Severn. One of these, in conjunction with Walking the Land, is RIVER: Walking exploring the River Frome in Gloucestershire from its source above Daneway to the River Severn. Two other projects are focusing on the River Taff in Wales. One, Turning on the Taff, with Glenn Davidson of Artstation, is looking at the river from source to sea, specifically the three main areas of the river – rural, industrial and commercial – along its length. The other, The River Next Door, is a collaboration with poet Philip Gross for a book to be published in 2015, producing new work in direct response to working alongside one another and the river.

Also Mud-Luscious, prints, see here

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