Black Rock; Davina Kirkpatrick; 2013 – 2014.

Black Rock;  Davina Kirkpatrick;  Severn Estuary UK; 2013 – 2014.

UK based artist and academic Davina Kirkpatrick has tied the shredded shirts of her suddenly deceased partner, Chris,  to fencing in an intertidal area, of the Severn Estuary,  at a location called ‘Back Rock’, and these has slowly transformed over a year as they have been repeatedly washed by the tide, and rain, and blown by the wind. Subsequent visits to the site has been recorded in words, drawing and photographs as an ongoing body of work addressing mourning and remembrance.

davina 1

davina 2

davina 3

A videod talk relating to this can be found here

A pdf of the talk here


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