Tying the Threads; Davina Kirkpatrick; 2013 – 2014

Black Rock;  Davina Kirkpatrick;  Severn Estuary UK; 2013 – 2014.

From Davina’s website

UK based artist and academic Davina Kirkpatrick tied the shredded shirts of her suddenly deceased partner, Chris,  to fencing in an intertidal area of the Severn Estuary,  at a location called Black Rock on the Gwent Levels shore. The threads slowly transformed over the following year, as they were repeatedly washed by the flooding and ebbing tide, and the rain, and blown by the wind. Other materials such as seaweed and plastic also become entangled on the rickety fences which stretch across the mud of the fore-shore. Subsequent visits to the site, often with friends and collaborators, have been recorded in words, drawing and photographs as an ongoing body of work addressing mourning and remembrance.

From Davina’s website

“Tying the Threads started as a conversation in an ongoing set of collaborative meetings and opportunities to be playful between myself and the artists, Mollie Meager and Penny Somerville; both of whom had helped in the funereal rituals I created following the death of my partner in 2011.

It was bright and sunny but bitterly cold the following day as we rhythmically tied the tatters, torn from partner’s two favourite shirts, to the fence amongst the seaweed already clinging there. We were creating another ritual; tying the threads of memory, friendship, connection, love. Penny recorded our actions before we went for tea and cake and I determined to return each month, possibly on the day of the full moon, as the day had been when we added them.”

Pictures below by Davina.

davina 1
davina 2
davina 3

Site visit picture 22 April 2014

Photo: Owain Jones

A video of a confernce talk relating to this work given by Davina can be found here

A pdf of the talk slides here

Jump to the place marker on the SEAA map here

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