Wonders of Weston; Art Program; sea-front sculptures; 2008 – 2010

This was a programme of art interventions in Weston-Super-Mare, overseen by Situations “An arts organisation, producing house, publisher and critical think-tank on public art.”

From the archive website

“Wonders of Weston was a programme of temporary and permanently-sited artworks, part of the national Sea Change initiative (2008-2010), which aimed to support the revitalisation of British seaside towns. The programme was launched on 29 October 2010 and featured artworks by artists Ruth Claxton, Tim Etchells, Lara Favaretto, Tania Kovats in association with landscape architects Grant Associates, architects Raumlaborberlin and artist collective Wrights & Sites.

Each of the artists or collectives responded to Weston-super-Mare, often drawn to existing architectural structures or gathering points such as the former Model Yacht Pond, Weston Market, the Railway Station and Town Quarry. The resulting programme featured sculptures which transform viewing points out to sea and a night-time luminescent phenomenon, which played on the carnival wonderment of the seaside, as well as a number of texts, illuminated, cast and etched, which encouraged us to consider the seaside as a place of childhood memories, contemplation and anticipation. The public art programme was accompanied by an extensive engagement programme.

A number of the works have now been removed but you can find see a number of Wrights & Sites signs across the town as well as Tania Kovats’ Holm.”

The main focus was on the town rather that the Severn Estuary, but, perhaps inevitably, the Estuary featured in both theme and location.

Here is a screen grab of Holm by Tania Kovat.

Holm: Tania Kovat

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