Ferries of Gloucestershire (book); Joan Tucker; 2008

Ferries of Gloucestershire; Joan Tucker; (2008); Tempus Books

This is a wholly delightful book. A history of all the lost ferry crossings in Gloucestershire, most on the Severn, a few on the Wye.

Review by John Loosley; 2009; Gloucestershire Local History Society

“The press release for this book states that “over a dozen Severn ferries or ‘passages’ once flourished in Gloucestershire, Waterborne trade and traffic were central to people’s lives. The river was the highway and most efficient way of transporting goods.” Joan Tucker has taken these facts to explore the various ferries across the Severn, Avon and Wye from Roman times to the present day using a variety of sources. Her local knowledge has enabled her to interpret the documentary sources such as maps, deeds and newspaper reports to piece together the history and use of these ferries. The book is well illustrated with both historic and present day photographs and many reproduced maps and plans from a wide variety of sources. The extensive research undertaken by the author has resulted in a fascinating and welcome account of ferries which will be a source of reference to many wishing to explore these features for years to come.”

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