Ground Truth: Installation; film; sound; drawing; Louisa Fairclough

Ground Truth is a major and moving art work by Louisa Fairclough

From the Prologue

“Often at the time of the full moon, with my young son in tow, I cycle to the Severn to pitch the tent on the river bank. A tidal river, the Severn is strangely compelling: as we stand at the edge of the river listening to the roar of the oncoming tide rushing in from the sea, I am (in my head) shouting across the river into the night. The tide carrying with it my grief to the river’s source before being pulled out to sea.

The following body of work uses ground, tidal water, voice and light as material, and take the form of film loops, field recordings and drawings.”

There are a number of element to the work which are linked to here as in on Louisa’s archive.

Image: Louisa Fairclough
Drawing: Louisa Fairclough

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