Paintings; Penarth / Cardiff; Terry Setch; various dates

Fabulous paintings by one of the leading artists based in Wales, who lives in Penarth. Some paintings were done on the shores of the estuary and include materials found on the beach. Painting titles often refer to the tides and include views of the estuary.

From the Summer 2014 issue of RA Magazine, issued quarterly to Friends of the RA.

The landscape inhabits Terry Setch RA. Since the London-born artist moved to Penarth in 1969, he has been utterly bewitched by the Welsh town’s coast, its rugged cliffs and beaches casting a heady spell over his art and life.

The Severn Estuary environment is more than just his subject: for over four decades these shores have provided the physical materials for his mixed-media works and acted, Setch tells me during a cliff-side stroll, as an ‘open-air studio’. The natural substances and man-made debris he finds on the beach – from sand and seaweed to plastic bags and corroded metal – are then often layered en plein air, amalgamated with acrylics and wax on board and canvas. Works in progress are even dipped in the water. Nature in this way becomes Setch’s unlikely studio assistant, and the results range from representational images to more abstract accumulations, some of which are on show this summer at Flowers Gallery in London.” Source here

Examples of work

Morning Tide (1988)
Above and Below the Tide (1990 – 91)

Terry Setch; painter; Born: 11 March 1936; Elected RA: 28 May 2009. Lots more info on artist website here

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