Tide Sonification; Michaela Reiser with Owain Jones; 2010

Tide Sonification: Michaela Reiser and Owain Jones

This is a pilot sonification of the tidal processes of the Severn Estuary

The purpose of sonification is to take processes within bodies, systems, landscapes and represent them through music and/or sound-art in a way which makes them more accessible and readable.

This trial sonification was exhibited the 2010 Bristol Festival of Nature.

This sonification is of the tidal rise and fall at Avonmouth 12 June 2010. The piece can be played at differing speeds and markers show the tide level and sun and moon rise.

Breath of the Moon

Other sound art

Dusk Bore: Andrew Darke

Sonic Severn: UWE Students

Jump to the place marker on the SEAA map here

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