Introduction / about this blog

Updated 25 03 2022. Originally published 03 March 2011.

This blog accompanies a public Google map (below), and together they form the Severn Estuary Art Atlas (SEAA).

The aim is to show the location (where appropriate)  and content of a number of artworks which have been created in, around, and about the Severn Estuary.

It is an amazing landscape, not least because of its huge tides,  which is rich in natural and cultural heritage, or, as I have termed it, Tidal Cultures.  As a result, many artists have been drawn to working with it in some way or other, and they continue to do so.

This art atlas seeks to capture at least some of that richness.

The artworks range from literature (poetry), through photography, painting and sculpture, film, to more performative works.

In part, this was created to show what an important, and culturally and ecologically rich, landscape the Severn estuary is, in the face of various on-going threats it faces, not least from possible tidal barrages and lagoons. But the estuary is under pressure in many ways,  including pressures ranging from pollution, resource extraction, to coastal development. The more love and attention the estuary gets, the better.

Each artwork has a blog page on this site and a place marker on the map. These are linked together. Please explore.

The pages are listed in the right hand column.

On the map you can zoom in and out and move around. Click on the place markers to see the art item on the blog. Jump back from the blog to the map.

,As of March 2022 all pages and links are being updated. It will take some time. Please excuse any still not mended.

See also the Severn Estuary Survey blog and map, also by Owain Jones. This is a collection of photographs of the estuary taken over nearly 4 decades.

The Map

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