Andrew Hardwick. Painter

“Andrew Hardwick grew up on a farm next to the Bristol Channel where the fields ran onto areas of tidal marshland.  This farming heritage, and the particular landscape of his childhood, is reflected in the subtle tonal graduations of a muted palette.  “One of my favourite places is the coast between Portishead and Clevedon”, explains Andrew.  “It is a bleak landscape in many ways; the sea is this strange brown colour.  It is a surreal place which, despite being very close to Bristol, feels isolated.  You can get lost within the landscape.”

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Where a number of pictures can be seen in detail

Also at

Exhibitions include

“Estuary”, Newport Museum and Art Gallery, South Wales, 2008.

“Where the Sea Meets the Estuary” ,Burton Art Gallery, Bideford, North Devon, 2009.

“Tidal Wilderness”, Victoria Art Gallery, Bath,  2010.

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