Severn Bore (Dusk Bore): Andrew Darke; 2010

This art work comprised an essay, talk and sound recording of the Severn Bore by Andrew Darke. It was part of TidalSevern exhibition at Upstairs at the George, Newnham-on-Severn, 27th August – 9th October 2010.

“The upstairs team is pleased to present an exhibition of mixed media works by Gloucestershire based artists Suze Adams, Carolyn Black, Andrew Darke, Alice Jolly, Richard Keating and Kel Portman. The exhibition and associated events are timed to coincide with the autumn 4 star bores.”

A Blurb book was created but is no longer online, nor are the exhibtion details.

Andrew’s talk was also given at ‘Spearker Corner’, Arnolfini, Bristol Docks, as part of ‘100 Days to Climate Change  Confernce’ prrogramme. (Autumn 2009)

The soundwork and accomanying essay are still available at

Andrew Darke Dusk Bore

Andrew Darke

Jump to the palce marker on the SEAA map here

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