The Sea Horizon; photographic series/book; Gavin Fabian Miller

Sections of England: The Sea Horizon. 1976-1977.

This is one on Gavin Fabian Miller‘s first major artworks. It comprises 40 square photographs take from the roof of his house in Clevedon. The orientation of camera, lens, film type and exposure were all unchanged.

“all that changes is time, and the artist’s relationship with place. The horizon holding the edge of the known world” (Miller, 1997)

The range of colour, mood, atmospheric conditions and depth of view into the estuaryscape is remarkable.

The pictures were shown at the exhibition:

Sections of England: The Sea Horizon, Michael Hue-Williams Fine Art 20 March – 10 May 1997.

A number of the prints are now in art collections/galleries around the world. 4 are on display at Hewlett Packard’s offices in Bristol.

The pictures were published in a limited edition of 750 by Michael Hue-Williams Fine Art Ltd in 1997.

A map showing the area of estuary covered by the images is given.

Jump to the place marker on the SEAA map here

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