Severn Worlding; Exhibtion; Stroud UK 2022

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Severn worlding

The Stroudwaters meet the River Severn downstream from Gloucester and as they merge with the larger body of water, narratives of local ecologies commingle in passages of universal substance. This exhibition considers the imaginaries of the tributary River Frome (and its constructed canal systems) from multiple valley sources and their deep time convergence with the River Severn. It equally considers rivers as liminal spaces, sites of comings and goings; partings and mergings; banks that may be perceived as divided but equally joined by a fluid entanglement of ecosystems and cultural ecologies.

 This collection of creative responses draws on the sense and experience of place as well as verdant local and archetypal mythologies, pre to post-industrial undercurrents and the silence of nuclear imaginaries. In this particular storytelling, the focus is on the realm of water, mineral, deity, and the entanglements of human-world relations emerging with them; clasping at ritualised practices even as they disappear and tracing material flow in the future tense. The ‘worlding’ (after Donna Haraway) of the River Severn refers to engagingwith this active river natureculture ecosystem and the immediate encounters, embodiments, experiences, and fragments which intersect with processes and interrelated phenomena on a planetary scale.

 Severn Worlding seeks to contribute to contemporary environmental and social discourse from its own spatial aperture and attunements, to imagine the Afon Hafren/River Severn and its multiple selves, visible and invisible. The works in this exhibition articulate a sense of reciprocus in becoming with the flux of the River Severn and its environs. This exhibition is a fluid and continuing speculation on the lifeworlds, materiality, rhythm, ritual and myth-making and the creative potential of attending to the multiple temporalities of place. 

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